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Productivity Suites

Looking for a full featured productivity suite and don’t want to pay the premium of Microsoft Office?  Well you actually have two choices to choose from.

The first one is OpenOffice , the real first alternative to Microsoft Office, was developed by Sun originally called Star Office (actually first developed by Star-Division which was bought out by Sun).

The second one is called LibreOffice and this one is very interesting as well. After Oracle bought Sun , they decided to keep control of the OpenOffice ( A stance they have since changed and have released OpenOffice to the open source community).Which prompted the creation of the Document Foundation and Libre Office 3.4


Which one is best for you ? Well I think that LibreOffice has the most going for it , with support from Google and mainstream Linux distros and the disdain that Oracle has  I think it will over take Open Office and rival Microsoft for their office suite

Both are available from the Resources page



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