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  • I Can’t Boot My Computer !

    It has to be one of the scariest things, you turn on your computer and it simply won’t boot. You get a cryptic error or the infamous ‘Blue Screen of Death’ (Usually a 07x error), either way your computer will not start and you have all those files sitting on that hard drive (that you were getting around to backing up right?)

    While it is true in some cases the hard drive could well have given up on you, after all those grinding noises coming from within the computer were not a good sign. However the  majority of these booting problems are related to virus and trojan problems.

    Assuming that you have not changed any hardware or settings, and that the hard drive is in good working order what you may need to do is at least get your system booted so you can at least scan for infections.

    You are going to need that bootable Windows 7 DVD you have. If you are don’t have this, check with your computer’s documentation if there is a way to boot to a recoverable partition. If you don’t have any of these then you might have to go here ( and download Microsoft’s 90 day trial DVD of Windows 7 Enterprise. If you do download this image you will have to find a way to burn it to a DVD with third party software.

    Ok, you now have your bootable DVD, now you have to boot from it. You might have to alter your computer’s settings (the BIOS) to accomplish this, again you may have to consult your computers documentation (however, many computers use the ‘esc’ key).

    Once you boot your computer you will be presented with a screen similar to this one.

    You want to select next to go onto the next screen. Here you want to select ‘Repair your computer’

    Now Windows will search your computer to find all the Windows installations. Once it has done this, it is time to jump off the rail so to speak, this is where we go it alone.

    What you need to do now is to hit {shift+f10} to bring up a command prompt window to work with.


    OK now what we want to do is back up the Windows Boot Store, just in case we do have to go back to our original configuration. This is done by

    BcdEdit /Export C:\BcdBackUp.Bcd

    If you ever need to restore the boot record then use the command

    BcdEdit /Import c:\BcdBackUp.Bcd

    Now we have to rebuild the Windows Boot Store and put any and all Windows Installations back into the boot menu and this would be done by


    CD \Boot

    Attrib Bcd –S –H –R

    Rename Bcd Bcd.Old

    BootRec /RebuildBcd  

    After this, you should see that a Windows installation has been found and asks if you want to add this to your boot list. You definitely want to do this so select Y to continue

    If no Windows installation has been found then you can try this command as well

    BootRec /ScanOS


    Next we are going to rebuild the master boot record (MBR) and the boot sector and this is done by

    BootRec /FixMBR  and

    BootRec /FixBoot


    You should final step is to see if the computer will now boot, type exit and then close the system recovery options (DO NOT RUN THE RECOVERY!) and abort the Windows 7 Installation to reboot the computer.

    If everything has gone right, you should now see your fimilar Windows 7 screen to show up.


    Dont forget to can for any infections and DON’T forget to back up those files!

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