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  • Windows Key Shorcuts

    Just made a simple list of  Windows Key shortcuts. If you know of any more feel free to comment them below.

    {WinKey}+e                            Opens Windows Explorer

    {WinKey}+r                             Opens the Run dialog box

    {WinKey}+t                             (Windows 7) Cycle through the taskbar

    {WinKey}+u                            Opens Ease of Access

    {WinKey}+p                            Toggles projector (or multiple monitors if present)

    {WinKey}+d                            Shows desktop or restores open windows

    {WinKey}+f                             Find

    {WinKey}+l                             Locks computer

    {WinKey}+x                            Opens Windows Mobility Center

    {WinKey}+m                           Minimize all windows

    {WinKey}+{shift}+m                 Restores all open windows

    {WinKey}+{space}                  (Windows 7) Activates Aero Peek (Vista) Shows Sidebar

    {WinKey}+{num (1-0)}             Opens/displays corresponding taskbar program

    {WinKey}+ {f1}                       Windows Help

    {WinKey)+{up}                       Maximizes current active window

    {WinKey)+{down}                    Restore down current active window

    {WinKey)+{-}                           Magnifier down

    {WinKey)+{+}                          Magnifier up

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